Seated Left to Right: James A. Smith Most Excellent Grand High Priest, William H. (JR) Bledsoe, Jr. Right Excellent Grand King, Ronald G. Andress Right Excellent Grand Scribe, Edward L. Mason Right Excellent Grand Treasurer, James H. Crook Right Excellent Grand Captain of the Host, Roger Kim Harrison Excellent Grand Principal Sojourner.
Standing Left to Right: Hiram Williams Right Excellent Grand Secretary, William A. Carter Excellent Grand Royal Arch Captain, Thomas R. Bassett Excellent Grand Master of the 3rd Veil, Michael F. Feld Excellent Grand Master of the 2nd Veil, Johnny R. Strickland Excellent Grand Master of the 1st Veil, Brian L. Smith Right Excellent Grand Marshal.
Not Pictured: Ronald Pynes Excellent Grand Sentinel, Joseph Allen Brackin Right Excellent Grand Chaplain

ME Grand High PriestJamie A.
RE Grand KingWilliam H. (JR) Bledsoe,
RE Grand ScribeRonald G.
RE Grand TreasurerEdward L.
RE Grand SecretaryHiram O. Williams,
RE Grand ChaplainJoseph Allen
RE Grand MarshalBrian L.
Ex Grand Captain of the HostJames H.
Ex Grand Principal SojournerRoger Kim
Ex Grand Royal Arch CaptainWilliam A.
Ex Grand Master of the 3rd VeilThomas
Ex Grand Master of the 2nd VeilMichael F.
Ex Grand Master of the 1st VeilJohnny W.
Ex Grand SentinelRonald