Seated Left to Right: James C. McGee Right Eminent Grand Commander, Thomas H. Nesbit Most Eminent Deputy Grand Commander, William Jerald Burfitt, Sr. Most Eminent Generalissimo, Winston L. Each Most Eminent Captain General, Richard R. Losch Most Eminent Grand Prelate, Edward L. Mason Most Eminent Grand Treasurer, Ronald G. Andress Most Eminent Grand Junior Warden.
Standing Left to Right: Hiram Williams Most Eminent Grand Recorder, Thomas G. Lott Most Eminent Grand Senior Warden, C. Sterling Hughes Eminent Grand Standard Bearer, Sidney R. Cooley, Sr. Eminent Grand Sword Bearer, William J. “Doug” Burfitt, Jr. Eminent Grand Warder, Wes Lane Eminent Grand Sentinel.

RE Grand CommanderJames C.
VE Deputy Grand CommanderThomas H.
Em Grand GeneralissimoWilliam Jerry
Emt Grand Captain GeneralWinston L.
Em Grand Senior WardenThomas G.
Em Grand Junior WardenRonald G.
Em Grand PrelateRichard R.
Em Grand TreasurerEdward L.
Em Grand RecorderHiram O. Williams,
Em Grand Standard BearerC. Sterling
Em Grand Sword BearerSidney R. Cooley,
Em Grand WarderWilliam J. (Doug) Burfitt,
Em Grand SentinelWesley

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